5 Awesome Twitter Tips for Bloggers

Let’s face it Twitter can be a total mine field. The fast pace of the news feed and the sheer amount of opportunity, can make your head spin. Twitter fatigue though… it’s REAL! So in an attempt to retain my own sanity I have decided to formalize my Twitter research… Since sharing is caring, I will be providing this in the form of 5 Awesome Twitter tips for Bloggers!

Let’s brave the minefield, stream line our schedules and turn our Twitter efficiency levels up to 11!

5 Awesome Twitter Tips for Bloggers

Twitter Hours

I use and recommend Twitter hours to my clients ALL the time. I was thinking about this recently in relation to blogging. There HAS to be some established Twitter hours that could be useful for bloggers to use to break into a new audience?

Twitter hours work in similar way to Twitter Chats. They are established hashtags that go “live” at specific hours on specific days. There is a full list collated by design that fits. But for the purpose of this post I am singling out a few for each day of the week that I feel could be appropriate for Bloggers.

A brief aside – if you check out the full list at design that fits, there are loads of local Twitter hours that are useful. You can pick the ones that are relevant to your location. My favourite is #YorkshireHour because I’m a Yorkshire lass!


12noon – 1pm #UKBizLunch
2-3pm #BizHour
7-8pm #WineOClock (weeeeeeey)
8-9pm #CreativeBizHour


2-3pm #BizHour
7-8pm #FashionHour
8-9pm #BespokeHour
8-9pm #FoodHour


1-2pm #LocalLunch
7.30 – 9.30pm #HandmadeHour
8.30 – 9.30pm #GossipGirls
9-10pm #EventHour


11am-12noon #ElevensesHour
7-8pm #PromotingWomen
7-8pm #LadiesCoffeeHour
8-9pm #PinHitsHour


10-11am #ConnectFriday
12-1pm #SkillWillHour Steph Korey
3-4pm #CakeClubHour
9-10pm #SciFiHour


8-9.15am #SatChatUK
11-12noon #WeekendHour


11-12noon #WeekendHour
7-8pm #PromotingWomen

Established Hashtags Specifically for Bloggers

There are numerous Twitter hashtags available specifically for Bloggers. They connect us with each other and with the Blog Retweet accounts that work so hard on our behalf.


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