Carpet Cleaning Company’s Secrets to Easy Carpet Maintenance

The best tips to keep your carpets clean. We share carpet cleaning professional tips and methods. We are professional and know what causes traffic patterns, staining and wear and how to prevent these problems. By following these tips, you will be able to keep your carpets cleaner, make them last longer and easier to maintain.

Vacuum Frequently and Properly

Vacuuming is the first line of defence for carpets in keeping the dirt out and the fibres groomed. The EPA recommends vacuuming 1-3 times a week to remove dirt effectively from carpets. Foot traffic brings in the majority of dirt and the first ten feet of carpet captures that dirt and creates a heavy traffic pattern. Proper vacuum from two directions can help prevent the traffic pattern and excessive wear on the carpet. Dirt causes the most damage to carpet, not foot traffic. As you walk on the carpet, dirt twists and grinds up against the carpet fibres causing them to tear and fray. With frequent vacuuming, there fewer dirt particles to grind against the pile, making your carpet last longer.

Allow Stain Remover to Work

When professional carpet cleaners treat a stain, they spray the affected area and then clean it 10-15 minutes later. They do this so the stain remover has time to get into the stain and break it down therefore making it easy to extract. Applying a stain remover and then scrubbing and blotting can cause the stain to sink deeper into the fibre creating a more permanent stain. Proper stain removal includes spraying the affected area with remover, allowing 10-15 minutes to sit followed by gentle blotting and rinsing of the area. Following these proper steps for stain removal will effectively remove the stain without damaging the carpet.

Place Rugs Throughout the Home commercial cleaning services kitchener 

Oils trapped in carpet are the main reason why carpet fibres appear discoloured or dirty. Dirt particles typically fall to the bottom of the pile and stay there until vacuum up. When oil is present in the carpet fibres, dirt sticks to the oil creating the dirty appearance. Many of the oils found in carpets are from the kitchen and the bathroom. As you cook, oils are release into the air then fall to the floor where you step in the oils. From the bottom of your feet, the oils move from the kitchen to the surrounding carpets. The same happens for oils from the bathroom. An easy way to reduce the spread of oils in the home is through rug placement. Placing a rug at the high traffic threshold will capture most of the oils and prevent the spread to the nearby carpet. You can then wash the rug once it appears dirty, easily removing the oils. While a carpet cleaning professional is in your home, he/she can recommend the best placements for rugs to slow the spread of oil in your home.

Ask for Personalized Tips

While getting your carpets professionally cleaned, ask your technician to give you personalized tips to keeping your carpets cleaner between visits as he/she can see your home’s traffic patterns and stains. Your professional will know your carpet type and the most effective ways to keep it looking clean. Knowing these proper ways to take care of your carpet will make your carpet stay cleaner and last longer.

Preventing dirt and oils from settling into your carpet is easy with proper vacuum and putting down rugs. With proper stain removal, you never have to have awkwardly placed furniture or rugs. Following these tips and personalized tips from your carpet cleaning professional makes carpet maintenance easy.


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