LTO 5 Data Tapes – The Smart Backup Solution

The Linear Tape Open technology is a leader in the super tape market and has consistently provided good security, large storage space and fast date transfer rates. This has enabled businesses to meet the need for data backup. A popular tape of the Linear Tape Open technology is the 5th generation namely the LTO Ultrium 5 or LTO 5 Data Backup Tape. Manufactured in 2010, this tape format instantly became a success because of the additional features, ease of use and additional storage space it provides. adhesive tape

There are many brands which manufacture this 5th generation LTO5 Tape. These include the giants that are HP, IBM and Quantum. These three companies are the major leaders that were responsible for the invention of the Linear Tape Open technology back in the mid to late 1990s. For the past few decades they have constantly been manufacturing new technologies and helping to shape the market. The credit for making a new magnetic tape storage format that is durable, cost efficient and much more must be given to these companies.


Coming to the LTO 5 Tape, the reason it should be considered for data storage will become apparent when the features it offers are discussed. First of all the tape offer a gigantic storage capacity of 1.5 TB, something which could not be foreseen 5 to 6 years ago. On top of that the compression ratio of the tape format is 2:1. What does this mean? Well basically the storage capacity can be increased to a maximum value of 3 TB. The only catch is that the data must be in compressed format. The next most important feature from a business point of view is the data transfer rate. This is important because it not just important to back your critical data but to do it as fast as possible. This makes this device ideal as it provides an attractive transfer rate of 140MB/s.

Secure and User Friendly

The LTO 5 tape offers good security and a user friendliness not commonly seen in magnetic tape storage technology. The device comes with the popular WORM (Write Once Read Many) feature. This ensures that once the data has been written, it cannot be deleted, corrupted or accidentally overwritten. Also the device comes with the all new LTFS (Linear Tape File System) system. This system allows great user friendliness by enabling simple drag and drop commands as well as enabling users to use the device just like any other USB or flash drive. In regard to security, the tape comes with enhanced encryption facilities and better encoding techniques for an overall better performance.

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