The Spiritual Warrior 


Mars enters Pisces, welcoming us to allow the gatekeeper to down and believe that the Universe is continually dealing with our benefit to give us what our spirit needs. 


Mars is customarily the God of War; however, in dream-like Pisces, Mars thinks often less about getting everything he might want, about remunerations and acknowledgement. This is because Mars can see that life is a great deal more than a solitary, obvious course.  pisces zodiac sign


In Pisces, Mars is the chemist that comprehends the interconnectedness of all that is and can change base metals into gold, something ordinary into something exceptional, battle and feelings that don’t serve us, into excellence and elegance. 


Before very long, we will be less inspired by joint issues, interruptions and more dream-like and tuned in with what isn’t to be seen. Mars in Pisces energy will permit us to surrender the crucial factor of being in control and embrace the solace of trust, and, along these lines, stay open to the supernatural, fortunate, sudden turns of life. 


Does that imply that Mars in Pisces is latent? Not in the least. Even though he isn’t the “in your face” sort of fighter (like Mars in Aries, for instance), it doesn’t mean he isn’t a hero. 


In Pisces, Mars is the prime example of the profound champion. 


Otherworldliness and war are two words that are regularly in the struggle – yet is there a logical inconsistency between the two? 


In Pisces, Mars investigates the intersections of otherworldliness and war. 


Most prophets of our occasions were profound champions – as they battled for affection. They had the boldness, control, and receptiveness to cherish genuinely even they were dismissed and aggrieved – and this is because they represented an option that could be bigger than themselves. 


The first and most fundamental instrument of the otherworldly fighter is mindfulness. What’s more, this is the thing that Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, does so well. Neptune can comprehend the higher perspective and acknowledge that we are all essential for it, and at a similar time, we as a whole co-make the Divine Plan in each snapshot of our reality. 


Mindfulness is tied in with seeing with clearness the reality of what’s going on without translation or assessment. We are “seeing” from the point of view separate from the thinking part of our mind. Cognizant mindfulness permits us to see unmistakably rather than be dazed by deception standards. 


Mars in Pisces isn’t fanciful – he sees the reality of our reality, in any event, when the others consider him a simpleton or a scheme scholar. 


The best approach to managing Mars in Pisces travel is by reaching out to the profound hero inside us and discovering different inventive outlets to articulate our thoughts.



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