Wicker Baskets Merchandise Products Effectively

Wicker baskets provide many alternatives for storing, presenting, and promoting food or other merchandising products. Baskets, trays, and racks can be used as decorative bins or display fixtures for any kind of retail establishment, including retail stores, grocery stores, bakeries, and hospitality locales. There are several types of wicker displays on the market to store and present food products or merchandise. These traditional products are crafted from wicker (natural willow) and come in the form of trays, baskets, or tiered basket sets. Other styles include counter top or floor stands with metal support frames on which to display the baskets. This article describes natural willow baskets, as well as wire racks and stands, in further detail. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

Wicker baskets are made from natural willow or polypropylene plastic. Natural willow baskets are handmade by artisans and each basket is unique, meaning no two are exactly alike. The willow fibers add warmth to interior displays, especially due to their natural appearance. These baskets allow for some natural stretching but under severe strain they can splinter and break. On the other hand, wicker baskets manufactured out of polypropylene are machine made and each basket is an exact copy of the one made before it. The polypropylene plastic fibers are colored to match the warm browns of real wicker which are then woven around a wire frame, adding stability and making them more forgiving. The bendable wire frame enables the basket to be brought back to its original appearance if it gets stretched out of shape. Polypropylene baskets also tend to be slightly less expensive than their natural willow counterparts, but both styles look identical when viewed from a distance.

Each basket brings its own unique features, such as round storage baskets with handles or display trays with raised borders. A tray can display freshly-baked rolls and bagels in a bakery, while the 2-handled baskets are perfect for displaying baguettes, wrapping paper, umbrellas, and other types of merchandise. Featuring reinforced braided edges for a decorative look, wicker baskets are the ideal displays for food service establishments. Wicker and polypropylene baskets are also suitable for virtually any display requirement, from gift baskets to condiment trays.

Metal stands that support multiple wicker baskets and trays are typically available in either floor standing or counter top models. Counter top styles are excellent space-savers. For stores and restaurants with limited space, counter top wicker baskets combined with wire racks are an ideal solution to help with organization. Counter top wicker racks are often found in cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, and retail shops. These products offer an effective way of displaying condiments, packed foods, candy, and other small items efficiently. Wicker display stands are available in many sizes, finishes, and colors for you to choose from. These attractive displays also reduce clutter and add to the interior décor of any establishment.

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